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It's an election year and politicians need two main things to succeed: 

1. An easy-to-use method for receiving and keeping track of credit card donations.

2. An effective way to communicate with voters, donors and volunteers.

Create can provide both of these necessities.

Our gateway can generate an unlimited number of links for campaigns while at the same time storing all of the essential information for each donation in a cyber safe. Campaigns can access the data on all donors instantly using our closed system (you won't share your donor information with any third party). Additionally many other political software providers charge between 4-5% per credit card transaction. Create can offer you better technology at a cheaper rate AND the campaign will be funded the next day. If a donation is received on Monday, it'll be in your bank account on Tuesday morning. 

Our Text & Voice Broadcast Platform are also perfectly suited to communicate with voters. 98% of text messages are opened making it the preferred delivery method for communication in America today. Donation links, messages, directives, images, videos can all be sent through our platform. Campaigns have the choice to register a short code and send tens of thousands of messages in seconds or use our peer-to-peer option to send more personalized texts to volunteers and leadership. Our Interactive Voice Broadcast (IVR) allow campaigns to call, poll and interact with thousands of voters at the same time.